Best Top 10 car perfumes in India

Are You Looking to Shop Online or Offline for car perfumes But Confuse to choose suitable one from various available options? You would never like to spend your precious time on research finding best car perfumes, We have already done the job for you and listed top 10 car perfumes available online in India along with their features.

Imagine going to take the girl of your dreams on a date. You whip your fancy car, drive it top-speed (without breaking any laws!), and reach her house to pick her up and she says, “No.” Perplexed, you check your dress; looks fine. You ask her why is she disagreeing now…and she tells you that she can’t date someone who has no sense of hygiene and that your socks stink. Confused, you defend yourself saying that, “I wash my socks every day.” She won’t have it, turns around and leaves you in a new found state of perplexity.

That’s right. Stinky feet are as bad as stinky shoes.

Worry not! Humans have evolved beyond tech and now possess the capability to harness perfume to make any place smell like the Garden of Eden. And cars were not left behind! These days, cars smell better than homes due to fragrance companies coming out with revolutionary mechanisms to ensure your cars smell squeaky clean. With a plethora of options available in the market, we decided to list out the best car fresheners for you!

Best car perfumes

Best car perfumes Reviews

My Shaldan Orange Car Air Freshener (80 g)

Rs. 325
Rs. 305
5 new from Rs. 285
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  • Can be used both in car and home
  • Lasts up to 60 days
  • Each can of My Shaldan contains limonene oil derived from peels of over 500 citrus fruits
  • Limonene oil has been known since ancient Japanese medicine to have various benefits in reducing stress and fighting lethargy
  • Please keep away from sunlight

Product Description

My Shaldan is one of the world’s most popular brand of gel air fresheners since 1948. It has an extremely refreshing, natural and long-lasting fragrance. Keeps you fresh while driving and its natural fragrance makes the air feel pleasant and pollution-free.

3Pure Perfume Potli Lavender Air Freshener (50 gm)

Rs. 199
1 new from Rs. 199


  • Lasts upto 199 days
  • Lavender Fragrance
  • Multi-use Air Freshener for Car, Home, Office & Wardrobe
  • Previously sold under our brand Miracle Plastic Perfumes and Miracle Perfume Potli. We have updated our brand name to 3Pure
  • Corporate gifting, white-labeling and branding possible

Product Description

Miracle Perfume Potli is a unique air freshener designed and developed by Shree Krishna Udyog. It spreads its replenishing fragrance all around in your car, wardrobes and other small areas. Keeping them clean and odour-free is very essential. Miracle Perfume Potli is filled with perfume granules and is available in 50+ different fragrances making it the best air freshener available in India....

Involve® ONE Musk Organic Car Perfume | Involve Your Senses Strong Fiber Air Freshener to Freshen'up Your Car - IONE01

Rs. 350
Rs. 348
5 new from Rs. 345
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  • Strong fragrances that performs even in SUV's
  • No leakage/leak proof
  • Freshen' up your car, home or office
  • Made in India
  • No ammonia

Product Description

Involve Your Senses One Musk Car Perfume: Involve one packs a big punch with fragrance cakes to change the atmosphere in your car. It contain 3 pieces of delightful fragrance cakes that will mesmerize you. They run a mile when it comes to freshness, yes they also last more than 60 days and even after the fragrance reduces you can use them by placing them in front of the AC vent for 5-10...

Ambi Pur After Tobacco Car Vent Air Freshener Starter Kit (7.5 ml),multi-colour

Rs. 299
Rs. 230
2 new from Rs. 230


  • Easy to control
  • Lasts up to 45 days
  • Intoxicating fragrance
  • Provides consistent fragrance release
  • Aesthetic functionality with specialized wick and device

Product Description

65 percent married men agree that even on special occasions wives complain about the cigarette/food odor, every time she sits in the car. It is absolutely necessary to keep your car fresh and clean. Refresh the fragrance in your car post tobacco and regain the charm. Ambi Pur car fresheners premium vent clips bring freshness to your vehicle. The biggest player in the car category, Ambi Pur car...

Rapture Pristine Forest Fresh Grass Car Air Freshener/Perfume/Fragrance (100 Gm)

Rs. 295
Rs. 240
2 new from Rs. 240


  • 100 percent alcohol free: Offers consistent fragrance throughout the life, no stains on dashboard
  • Freshness: Slowly releases a light, fresh scent for up to 30 days by removing moist, smoke, bad smell
  • Propeller design: Twist top to regulate fragrance intensity as required
  • Wide range: We offer various fragrances for you to choose your favorite from multiple variety of rapture
  • Natural: Inspired by nature to lighten up your mood and take your stress away as soon as you open your car's door

Product Description

Are you looking for a car air freshener that looks as elegant as it is effective in giving your car interior the kind of freshness that it really needs? Well, look no further as the rapture is simply one of the most elegant, most luxurious gel type car air fresheners available in different flavors. It's really easy to use too - you simply twist the lid to reveal the built in vents. Leave the...

Involve Your Senses Music Retro Fragrance Gel Car Perfume with DrivFRESH® | Water Based Car Air Freshener - IMUS01

Rs. 399
Rs. 398
3 new from Rs. 390
Free shipping


  • 100 percent made in India with best quality material
  • High performance gel perfume for car
  • Full gel filled till bottom, no false tray
  • Rich fragrance blends
  • High fragrance retention

Product Description

Involve Your Senses is a soft gel based car perfume/air freshener with DrivFRESH especially for cars. All Involve Your Senses fragrances are developed using high quality ingredients. It can be kept on car dashboard and it’s available in four luxurious fragrances. Close your eyes and let the calming involve retro fragrance immerse you in the perfect beauty of an aroma pond. This subtle yet...

Mangalam CamPure Camphor Cone (Sandalwood & Camphor, Pack of 1)

Rs. 120
1 new from Rs. 120
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  • TWO IN ONE BENEFIT: Unlike conventional products which are either a fragrance or a repellent, CamPure Camphor Cone is both: It provides a REFRESHING FRAGRANCE, REPELS MOSQUITOES and even PRESERVES CLOTHES. CamPure Camphor Cone does not consist of any fillers, additives or bases.
  • FIRST OF ITS KIND: The scent spreads quickly to neutralise and remove unpleasant odours, protects you from mosquitoes - flies - insects and preserves your clothes from dampness and moth infestations.
  • LONG LASTING: Hang the camphor cone by its elastic band in your home, office or vehicle. For the next 45 days experience a unique camphor based fragrance which has the abilities to keep you fresh and healthy. The product has a shelf life of 5 years when unopened.
  • NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS - SAFE AROUND CHILDREN: CamPure Camphor Cone is made from an extract of the pine tree and is therefore a NATURAL and ORGANIC product. There is no harmful toxic chemicals such as DEET, PDCB, Napthalene or any other petrochemicals which are potentially cancer causing (carcinogenic)
  • CERTIFIED: In most European countries the above dangerous chemicals which most available fragrances/repellents are based on are banned. In place the countries use Camphor which is known to keep one healthy from diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, H1N1, Swine Flu, chikungunya, yellow fever etc. CamPure Camphor Cone is also eco-friendly

Product Description

ABOUT CAMPHOR: For Centuries Camphor has been used to drive away insects and dispel unpleasant odours. Camphor is a natural product present in the sap of certain coniferous trees at high altitudes. With an increasing awareness of the harmful effects of petrochemical products such as Napthalene and PDCB, developed nations have banned their use. resulting in a shift to a natural and World...

AutoMT Car Mate's Natural SPA Car Dashboard Perfume Air Freshener (Lavender)

Rs. 399
Rs. 250
2 new from Rs. 199


  • Car Mate's Natural SPA
  • Dashboard Perfume Air Freshener
  • Freshen up your mood with the natural fragrance. Clear off the air of negativity and boredom

Product Description

Freshen up your mood with the natural fragrance. Clear off the air of negativity and boredom .

Lia Car Mist Freshener Sparkling Citrus Fragrance (100ml)

Rs. 200
Rs. 199
1 new from Rs. 199


  • Lia Car Mist available in Sparkling Citrus, French Lavender, Ocean dream and Amber Spice Fragrances
  • Fragrance - Sparkling Citrus , 100 ml.
  • Each Lia Car Mist allows you to have over 500 Sprays.
  • Fragrances comply with IFRA Standards ( International Fragrance Association)
  • Directions : Spray nozzle towards Foot mat just below AC vent for 2 to 4 times at regular intervals whenever required

Product Description

The aromatic oils of Lia Car Mist transport you to a world of eternal bliss. Specially designed for in Car usage, to inspire a calm and joyous ride. Fragrances comply with IFRA Standards ( International Fragrance Association) Available in four Signature fragrances developed by master blenders, that creates ambient environment in car and mobile space - Sparkling Citrus, French Lavender, Ocean...

Autoladders Natural Aroma Gel Car Perfume and Air Freshener (Lavender Fragrance) 50 Grams

Rs. 199
Rs. 129
1 new from Rs. 129


  • Liboni Car Freshner
  • Easy to use
  • Nice Fragance
  • Use For Car
  • Air Freshner

Product Description

Autoladders Natural Aroma Gel Car Perfume and Air Freshener (Lavender Fragrance)50 Grams

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