Best Top 10 hair clays in India

Are You Looking to Shop Online or Offline for hair clays But Confuse to choose suitable one from various available options? You would never like to spend your precious time on research finding best hair clays, We have already done the job for you and listed top 10 hair clays available online in India along with their features.

Hair gel, hair wax, pomade, hair cream – it can get a bit confusing when choosing a styling product. And don’t forget about hair clay, a relative newcomer to the styling game that many men find effective for achieving the hairstyle they desire.

What follows is a closer look at hair clay, including our list of the best hair clay products – which begins with Baxter of California Clay Pomade .

Along the way, we’ll delve into hair clay buying tips, compare clay with other styling products, and discuss the proper way to apply it.Looking for the best men’s hair clay on the market? We researched the best hair clays from the top grooming and styling brands. Men’s styling products often consist of just pomades and waxes with little appreciation given to the fact that having the best clay hair product in your arsenal of grooming tools can be potent, especially for thin fine hair.

This is because, while most hair clays offer a medium to strong hold, clay products give almost exclusively a natural matte finish and work into your hair just the same way a wax would. And with proper application, even the strongest clay can give your hair ample volume and control without weighing your strands down.

If you’re excited about wearing your hairstyle with an excellent styling clay, you may be left wondering which brands offer the highest-quality options. As expected, our list of the best hair clay products starts with Smooth Viking Styling Hair Clay and Baxter of California Clay Pomade.

Best hair clays

Best hair clays Reviews

L'Oreal Paris Professionnel Homme Strong Hold Matt Clay 50Ml/1.7Oz

Rs. 540
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  • A Long-Lasting Styling Clay For Men With A Non-Sticky
  • No Residue Formula Helps Create Any Style, Tailored Look Offers A Strong Hold & Firm Control Gives A Smooth
  • No Shine Matt Finish Leaves No Residue On Hair.

Product Description

To Use: Warm A Small Amount Between The Palms. Work Through The Entire Head With The Fingers For A Tousled Look Or Use To Define Sections. Re-Apply As Desired. For Best Results, Apply To Dry Hair

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Conditioner, 175ml (With 10% Extra)

Rs. 185
Rs. 128
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  • Infused The Extraordinary Power Of Pure Clay
  • Purifies Oily Roots And Hydrates Dry Lengths
  • For Best Results, Indulge In The Full Extraordinary Clay Ritual Shampoo, Conditioner And Hair Refresher

Product Description

L'Oréal Paris laboratories have infused the extraordinary power of pure clay in a conditioner. Anti-oiliness. Fresh, healthy looking hair. Soft, free flowing hair. Ultra purifying washes off excess oil on scalp, roots, and helps eliminate impurities and pollution particles. Intensely hydrating moisturizes from lengths to tips for hydrated free flowing hair, leaving hair fresh for up to 72...

Organo Gold Natural Hair Clay Wax with Vitamin E & Almond Oil for Men Stylish Restyling and Matte Texture Clay, 100 gms

Rs. 499
Rs. 249
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  • Added natural and organic ingredients-this styling clay wax is filled with natural ingredients like almond oil, vitamin e and earth clay which adds fullness to hair fibres and restore the natural oils
  • Get the effortless style you want - Organo Gold hair wax is a strong-hold styling product loaded with natural ingredients to make sure you get the modern and effortless look you want
  • Also for shorter hairstyles - short hair deserves attention too, which is why smooth Newish hair wax has made this specifically with shorter hairstyles in mind
  • How to use - 1. Make sure your hair is dry 2. Take a little bit of Organo Gold Hair Wax - Strong Hold on your palms and distribute evenly over the hair 3. Style your hair as you wish 4. Rinse off with warm water and shampoo
  • Effortless all-day style, hair wax has a strong formula designed to give you the hairstyle you want quickly and making sure it sticks around all day; Short to medium hair types-while this styling wax works well on shorter to medium length hair

Product Description

Describe your products in three words. Natural | Parabens Free | SLS Free How did you come up with the idea for this product? Organo Gold Brand is a startup working on innovative high quality products. Organo Gold is focusing on Mens and Womens grooming products. Organo Gold newly launch Hair Wax for Men. Organo Gold Hair Wax is Made With High End Natural Ingredients. It is Long Lasting, Easy...

Bblunt It Matters Zero Shine Moulding Clay, 40g

Rs. 275
Rs. 206
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  • Kaolin earth, beeswax and lanolin, gives a long lasting hold
  • Provides incredible texture, flexible hold & an extreme matt finish
  • Specially created for Indian hair

Product Description

Provides incredible texture, flexible hold and an extreme matt finish.

Beardhood Extreme Bond Strong Hold Hair Wax For Men, Natural Look, 100g

Rs. 350
Rs. 299
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  • Blend of Clay & Fiber for strong hold
  • Easily washable with water
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • No oiliness or greasiness
  • HOW TO APPLY: Start with a small amount, rub between your palm and spread evenly on damp hair. Use a brush or comb to style in the direction you want. Apply generously for extra hold.

Product Description

We understand the struggle you go through combing those hair locks in place or while sporting a new hair style you are excited about. Beardhood's hair wax with just the right blend of Fiber & Clay provides a solid hold and spreads easily, without causing any dryness, flakiness or greasiness. Ingredients : Aqua, Paraffin wax, Microcrystalline wax, Propleyne wax, Kaolin clay, Bentonite powder,...

Urbangabru Hair Wax Zero To Infinity For Strong Hold And Volume 100 Grams

Rs. 400
Rs. 295
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  • Now available in blue colour: Effortless All-Day Style - UrbanGabru's Zero to infinity Clay Hair Wax is a strong formula designed to give you the hairstyle you want quickly and easily while making sure it sticks around all day. This wax gives strong hold to your hairs.
  • Short to Medium Hair Types - You'll see awesome results when used on shorter to medium length hair. Whether the style you're looking for is classic, vintage, modern, messy, spiky or dapper, this wax makes it easy to get at home without worrying about needing salon or barber tools.
  • Minimal to Matte Finish & Texture and easy to wash- UrbanGabru's hair wax leaves behind a classic matte finish in any style and texture without leaving behind excess oil. It's also easy to wash off, which means you can keep your style as long as you want but can easily rinse it out when you're done. You won't have to worry about lingering residue or having to rinse multiple times to clean your hair.
  • Added Natural & Organic Ingredients - This styling Clay wax is filled with natural and organic ingredients Vitamin E & Earth Clay which adds fullness to hair fibres that is essential to nearly any hairstyle. It also includes Almond oil to restore the natural oils to your hair that can sometimes be lost with regular cleansing and styling.
  • A Powerful Wax from a Brand You Can Depend On - With UrbanGabru, you won't need to worry about putting mystery ingredients in your hair and skin. This product is loaded with only the finest ingredients around to ensure you'll have your ideal hairstyle.

Product Description

Get the flexible and modern style, you've always wanted with UrbanGabru's zero to infinity hair wax. Whether you're trying to, get a classic, vintage, modern, messy or dapper, look out of your hairstyle, this wax will help you achieve it. This product only contains the highest quality formula, including natural and organic ingredients to ensure your hair is taken care of as you style. Use only...

eXx styling clay hair wax for men - Strong and long lasting hold, Restyling, Matte Finish, Adds Volume, 100gm

Rs. 499
Rs. 329
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  • eXx hair wax is specially formulated with a combination of CLAY and WAX which creates textured, matt finish that helps your hairstyle look natural.Ultimate styling product for all hair types, tweak and create different hair styles to keep heads turning all day long.
  • Helps hair to retain moisture without making it look greasy or oily. Easy to wash off with normal water without leaving any residue.
  • Its a long lasting styling cream product that performs at the highest level of integrity and satisfying the needs .This high hold product is molding, and creates the perfect result.Works perfect for shorter to medium hair lengths
  • Goodness of 3 special ingredients - Almond oil, Vitamin E and Earth clay which provides all-day nourishment from roots to ends. It is made completely with natural ingredients and organic extract which makes the hair follicle look and feel thicker whilst adding volume to all types of hair.
  • We care for our customers- We believe the modern male looks and feels his best when he's confident. He can mix and match and blend styles as he sees fit. Our products are uniquely designed to work across different hairstyles ,achieving a unique look and we assure you that you are not putting any harmful chemicals on your hairs as eXx hair wax is abundantely filled with nourishing ingredients.

Product Description

"Hair that stays hard even if you don't" so shake Up your Style!! eXx clay hair wax is an amazing styling product for manageable, relaxed, and natural hair styles. It keeps your hair on lock all day long with a matt finish while still looking natural, and then rinsing out easily before being easy to apply the next day, with a clean & fresh, musky scent that never overpowers your senses. It...


Rs. 399
Rs. 345
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  • All Day Styling - Menganic Clay Hair Wax contains a blend of ingredients that will give you the medium hold your hair needs to keep your style looking neat and clean all day long. This Hybrid Product offers enough hold that it's the perfect solution for Short to Medium Hair Types.
  • Adds Thickness & Texture - It works by clinging to the strands and holding them together adding thickness and texture to the hair to enhance almost any style.
  • 100% Natural & Organic - Made from all natural ingredients and Organic extracts and completely free of alcohol, parabens,sodium chloride and Colour so you won't have to worry about your hair being damaged by undesirable ingredients.
  • Smells Fantastic - Our Clay Hair Wax has a clean, subtle scent that you'll like, but never notice on your hair. Your hair styling product should smell good and not have a lingering scent that stays with you throughout the day. That's what this product does.
  • Usage - Use 1 Scoop to get a medium/Workable hold for about 6 hrs, Use 2-3 Scoops (as per the hair style) to get a strong hold almost for a full day. Don't Expect and compare the hold as like other chemical based Hair styling products you won't get that due to all natural & Organic ingredients.

Product Description

Menganic Clay Hair Wax is an amazing versatile product. It adds workable hold and builds texture while still leaving the hair with a silky Semi-matte finish. While most hair products land somewhere on the spectrum between light hold and strong hold, our Clay Hair Wax can do both. If you want the Natural look, just apply, then once it's dried on your hair, brush your hair and it'll look like...

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Flexwax, 85ml

Rs. 900
Rs. 630
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  • Quantity: 85ml; Item Form: Wax
  • Continuously remouldable for unlimited style possibilities; Gives shine
  • For All Hair Types
  • Ultra strong hold
  • Usage: Take an adequate amount of this Wax Hair Styler onto your palm. Gently apply on your dry hair and style.

Product Description

Flexwax ultra strong texture and separation control cream wax.

Kocaine Klay Natural High Hold Matte Clay - 100 Grams

Rs. 595
Rs. 492
4 new from Rs. 492


  • 100% Natural
  • High Hold
  • Matt Finish
  • Volumising and Texturising
  • With Argan Oil

Product Description

Handcrafted In Small Batches High Hold Matte Finish Amazing Texture We made the KOCAINE KLAY to be the hair product for every gentleman out there. From Classic pompadour to Quiff to the naturally Messy hairstyle, it works through your hair to create looks that will turn heads. The strong hold and matte finish gives you an effortless look throughout the day with all natural ingredients...

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